My Pinecone for Zisa

augsburgZisa is a goddess who is the wife of Ziu (more commonly known as Tyr). She was the patron of Augsburg, Germany, which used to be named for Her as Zizarim. Her symbol, the pinecone, which symbolizes protecting the people the way the pinecone protects the seeds inside, is the symbol on the Augsburg coat of arms. A travel site describes the pinecone as symbolizing “Immortality, Fertility, and Unity”–big ideals for a little pinecone, but not inconceivable for a goddess to embody. I see Her as someone who, like Her husband, helps those whose causes are just. But She’s a “new to me goddess” who has an important role in Urglaawe, even if She is not as well-known in broader Asatru.

Yesterday, I was shopping at a Home Depot and scanning the clearance racks, when lo and behold, I saw Zisa’s pinecone:

Ok, so the tag didn’t say “pinecone”; it said “decorative finial”, and showed it being set up in a garden. But I don’t see any reason to let that stop me from calling it a pinecone and setting it up indoors. I have been told by some people that this is intended to depict the “New England pineapple of hospitality”, and that its display brings good fortune into a home. Personally, after comparing it to the Augsburg coat of arms (see the picture at the beginning of the article), I think the resemblance to the pinecone is striking.

This statue is going to get set up as an altar piece to Zisa. I feel that discovering it is a gift, an invitation to communicate with Her, and I’m very happy to receive it. Now I have the same problem I usually have…finding more altar and shrine space in the house!


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