Urglaawe Gets Some Press for Grundsaudaag!

grundsaudaag altarCheck out this article and video from the Bucks County Courier Times! It introduces Urglaawe and talks a bit about the next major Urglaawe holiday, Groundhog Day or Grundsaudaag. Did you ever wonder where that custom came from? It’s actually the continuation of a Pagan tradition that held burrowing animals to be travelers to, and messengers from, the otherworlds. In Europe, it was the badger, but in America, it became the groundhog. This tradition is also where this blog draws its name from (see the “About” page for more). It’s fantastic to see the press give some positive attention to this increasingly popular religion. Check out the article’s picture of the altar (above)–remember what I said about Urglaawe altars being especially colorful? This is a perfect example.


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