The Pagan Experience: “C” is for Cleaning

frau holle cleaning

This post is inspired by a prompt from The Pagan Experience which reads: “Any writing for the letters C or – I am keeping this familiar format on week 4 for those who have joined me from the Pagan Blog Project.”
Many spiritual paths put an emphasis on cleaning, cleansing, cleanliness. Why so important? Cleaning something physically can lead to cleaning up spiritual muck too.

A wonderful way to put this into practice, and one that takes on great importance in Urglaawe, is the tradition of Spring Cleaning. In Urglaawe, Spring Cleaning means getting everything ready for Frau Holle’s return from the annual Wild Hunt on the night of April 30th/May 1st, called Walpurgisnacht. Can you imagine throwing open all the windows of your home and inviting a goddess inside to inspect with the ultimate white glove test? That’s what we’re preparing for here! Hopefully She will be forgiving if we fall a little short of perfection. The heartfelt intent, though, is to simultaneously provide hospitality for the Goddess, Who has been travelling all through the long winter, and to clean out all the unwanted things from our lives. Those things might be simply physical dirt and clutter, but they can also be things like negative patterns, bad habits, or emotions and actions that we have outgrown.

That’s part of the magic of cleaning: simple, ordinary housework is a lot more powerful than it looks. It can help us to clean off emotional and energetic muck while we’re scrubbing the walls and washing dishes. It can make our homes feel more serene and joyful. Having an organized home can help us to access our thoughts more easily, to feel calmer and less overwhelmed. It can extend an aura of welcome to all who enter our homes, whether it’s guests or our own families.

I’ve been working on my own Spring Cleaning, trying to bring some balance into my home before it’s time to welcome Holle back for the Summer. My own personal goals include going through my clothing to get rid of anything that is too small, stained, torn, etc, to reorganize my yarn and thread stash to make it more accessible, and to give away some other items I no longer need to free up more space. (Which…I will probably fill with more yarn and thread…and books…)

Other than the special goals, I do the standard sorts of things you might associate with Spring cleaning, but with some spiritual touches thrown in. I ask for blessings on my housework, especially from Holle and Frigg. I scrub my walls down with water that’s infused with a special mix of salt and herbs, usually sea salt, lavender, lemon juice, and mint. Each one has a special purpose–for example, the sea salt helps to banish negative energies, and the lavender brings peace and calm. I try to keep a prayerful mindset while cleaning, so that it becomes more than a chore, but instead a spiritual experience that I participate in fully. While this doesn’t necessarily make it fun to scrub a dirty toilet, it does change your outlook on things! One of the great lessons that Frau Holle (and other deities Who focus on the home, such as Frigg) teaches us is that your whole home can be sacred space too, if you treat it in a sacred way.

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