Join the Polytheistic Day of Remembrance and Protest

Goddess ShamiyaThe group Daesh, also referred to by the media as “ISIS” although this is not the correct term, has been terrorizing, killing, and destroying in what were once the homelands of many deities and their worshipers. In solidarity with those being persecuted, in support of the Powers Whose shrines and statues are being wrongfully destroyed, and in gratitude for my own freedom to practice my faith, I will be taking part in the Polytheistic Day of Rememberance and Protest on July 31st. I will speak the prayer and burn the offering symbol, as well as making additional offerings.

I believe it’s important to stand together and honor the Gods Whose sacred places and relics are being destroyed. If you’ve seen some of the threat videos from Daesh, they say they are coming for polytheism as a whole, and for other religions too, such as Christianity. Their campaign is one of hatred and destruction. By creating, building, and honoring, we are countering, at least in some way, what they do. I firmly believe that words and stories have power. By speaking the names of the Gods, by telling Their stories, we help to keep Them alive in this world, for the next generation to know and love. Maybe, just maybe, we can even bring Them some strength to counter the atrocities being done to the descendants of their worshipers.

If you personally work with any of the over sixty deities Whose sacred places are affected, I would like to hear from you about your gods and traditions, and what support you need. Please feel free to reach out in the comments or via Facebook.


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