An Art Contest for Holle!

Frau Holle StatueI was super excited to see an art contest honoring Frau Holle over on the Norse Mythology blog! If you are already a regular reader here, you know that Holle is the spiritual mother of the Deitsch nation in Urglaawe, and such an important figure that Her symbol of the sickle takes place of Dunner’s hammer (primary symbol of Heathenry and Asatru) as the primary symbol of the Urglaawe faith. So I’m thrilled to see anything honoring Her in the broader Heathen community, where She’s usually not given as much attention, since She wasn’t known in the Icelandic source material where other Heathen denominations (like Asatru) draw their inspiration.

If you are an artist, I encourage you to check out the contest and get to know Holle better. I can’t wait to see what kinds of entries there will be! While they aren’t accepting fiber art entries, which is my own specialty, I was inspired by the contest to create my own artwork for Holle. As I develop my ideas for it, I will post more about it.

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