Living the Seasonal Focus: January 1 to February 2

SeasonsAs part of my work with the Urglaawe calendar, I’ve decided to start reviewing my goals at the end of each seasonal focus cycle. These cycles are based on the holidays and the natural cycles between them, and the first one of the mainstream calendar runs from Neiyaahrsdaag (January 1) to Grundsaudaag (February 2).

During this cycle, the focus is on putting in place everything that you will need to accomplish your goals for the year. These are the goals that you begin contemplating at Allelieweziel (October 31) and set before the Gods during Yuulzeit (late December until Jan 1). The things you need to put in place to accomplish your goals include any planning, the structures you need in your life to create good habits, any materials you might be purchasing or obtaining for goals that call for them, and so forth.

This year, I’ve been doing a lot of planning and structuring, including setting up a bullet journal (they are LIFE CHANGING, seriously!) and creating a spreadsheet to track my goals. My goals for this year are different in that they are grouped into categories, and each category must directly support my “master goal” for the year, which is to make a full time living as a freelance writer, earning a specific income goal that I have set for myself. My goal categories are “Writing”, “Financial”, “Health”, “Home Environment”, and “Spirituality”.

Since this is a spirituality blog, I thought I’d share some of my spiritual goals. My theme for the year in spirituality is “Learning by Doing”. My intent behind this goal is to spend more time living my religion, hands-on, rather than studying and thinking. (I bet you would have never guessed I love words, books, and being in my head, huh? 😉 )

In the interests of being more hands-on, one of my major goals is to internalize the Urglaawe cycle of the year by living it out in my life. I carefully planned my goals to align with the Urglaawe calendar, and I’m also going to start incorporating moon phases and astrology, which are part of Braucherei lore. I set a goal to do at least one physical activity matching with each seasonal cycle too, such as crafting, cooking traditional foods, gardening, or whipping up some magic. I feel this is really important for getting me to experience the religion rather than just thinking about it.

I also have decided to do a check-in at the end of each seasonal focus, to see how I’m doing with my goals, and to keep myself conscious of the passing seasons. I did my check in today, and I’m really pleased with all the hard work I’ve done. I’m looking forward to Grundsaudaag, my favorite holiday of the entire year, which is only two days away! I won’t get to do anything too crazy to celebrate, but I’ll be observing with a ritual at home. I hope I come across some groundhogs in my new neighborhood. They were actually pretty common where I used to live, despite being in the middle of “the big city”.

January is a natural time of the year to want to start things with a clean slate, set new goals, and plan, plan, plan! How are you planning your year? What are your spiritual goals? What is this time of year like for you?


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