It’s Almost Time for Zisasege!

funnel cakeI’m getting excited about planning my Zisasege for this year. And lookie here, we’ve got a delicious feast menu for this holiday all nicely planned out over on the Urglaawe blog… If you’re the kind of person who loves to go to Oktoberfest, you’ll probably really love both this menu and this time of year, as harvest favorites start to come into season.

I can’t help but to get excited at the approach of Autumn. Perhaps there’s some kind of internalized bias that I grew thanks to being born in October, but I love everything about the season. The festivals, the foods, the cooler weather, the changing leaves, the sense of excitement as we leave the lazy days of Summer behind and new projects begin. (I have no doubt that last part is because the calendar I really grew up on is the academic one, not the agricultural one!) I’m also greatly looking forward to setting aside some special time to get to know Zisa Herself better. There’s lots of Zisa symbolism in the menu, including the “knots” (funnel cake or Dutch tangle) that She undoes, and the pine nuts from Her heraldry depicting the pinecone.

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