Introducing Barn Owl Broadside!

Pennsylvania Dutch BarnSomething super-exciting happened today: I made my debut as a columnist with Huginn’s Heathen Hoff! I’ll be regularly blogging there about Urglaawe for my column, Barn Owl Broadside. (Don’t worry; I’ll still be posting lots of articles here too!) “Barn Owl Broadside” has a couple meanings as a title. The owl is sacred to the Goddess Berchta, Who helps us to put our inner worlds in order, much as Holle helps us in the outer world. Broadsides are one page publications that were important in Deitsch society–they were the fastest way to spread information in their day, much as blog posts are for us today!

You can click through here to see my first post for my new column, Urglaawe: One of History’s Best-Kept Secrets.

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