About the Author

Stevie MillerHi! I’m Stevie Miller, and I love learning things and sharing them with other people. I’m a lifelong passionate writer seeking to use both my wild creative talents and word-surgeon editing skills to create unique and engaging content for clients. I specialize in content that informs, grows, and captivates your target audiences. If you’d like to hire me to write for your blog, website, or publication, or to create and execute killer social media campaigns for you, hit me up at pandora.anesidor@gmail.com .

When I’m not reading and writing, I’m usually playing with string: tatting, 18th century knotting, knitting, crochet, and my favorite, embroidery. I have a bearded dragon, Bedivere, who may or may not have eaten your honor student, and I started a club for people who love to raise and show fancy rodents. Find me on Facebook and Google+.