About Grundsau Burrow

Urglaawe LogoWelcome! My name is Stevie Miller, and I’m the author of this blog. Grundsau Burrow is a blog about my personal exploration of Deitsch culture, language, and spirituality. You might not be familiar with the term “Deitsch”, but you’ve probably heard other ways of saying it: Pennsylvania Dutch or Pennsylvania German.

While I am blessed with many different cultures to draw on from my own ancestry, I am most strongly drawn to my Deitsch heritage. I grew up eating Pennsylvania German foods, celebrating the holidays with traditional customs, and enjoying some of the lesser-known aspects of the culture, such as intricate card games that were played in my family. What I didn’t know until later was that not only were these a part of Deitsch culture, but the Deitsch language had actually been spoken in my family, up to my great-grandmother’s generation, before it stopped being passed on.

I’ve made the decision to learn the Deitsch language, as well as to learn more about the folklore, crafts, cooking, and other aspects of the culture. This blog charts my journey through these different areas, sharing things that I learn and try along the way.

Deitsch culture is an important part of my heritage, and it’s also an important part of my spirituality. I practice Urglaawe, which honors the Teutonic pantheon in the context of Deitsch culture. Although I have honored the northern gods and goddesses, my ancestors, and the land spirits, for many years, and although I have found links between my spirituality and my Deitsch heritage previously (including Braucherei and hex signs), I am still a relative newcomer to Urglaawe practice. This blog will chart some of my explorations of this path.


Why Grundsau Burrow?

A Grundsau is known as a “groundhog” in English. It’s a uniquely American critter that has come to be known as a symbol of Deitsch culture. Among the traditions that have survived into modern times is the idea that the groundhog helps to predict the weather. This comes from the traditional belief that the groundhog, whose burrow with many tunnels corresponds to traveling through spiritual realms, returns each year with messages and wisdom from the Gods, Ancestors, and Spirits.

Aside from these traditional associations, I personally see the groundhog’s journey for information as a metaphor for my own journey to learn more about Deitsch culture, and bring its wisdom into my life. I also just love the little guys! (Aren’t they adorable?)

Groundhog Babies and Mother

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